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Engineering and Workshop Equipment

Our range of engineering equipment is diverse. Not only Lathes; Milling Machines; Power Hacksaws; and Drilling Machines are traded, but also Welders (including Spot, Tig, Mig, Seam and Butt Welders.)
Sheet Metal Tools like Press Brakes, Guillotines, Folders, Lock Formers, and Genies are sometimes in stock.
Specialist or General Engineers Grinding Machinery and Grinding Stones are regularly in stock.
 HMC Incline-able Press (LM20)
 HMC Incline-able press, Model: LM20.

 Goetz 70D Punching Press
 W.G Goetz & Sons Parts Punching Press.

 Montgomery Steel Bar Straightener
 This is a Montgomery Steel Bar Straightener powered by 10hp electric motor.

 steel bar straightening rolls
 This Round Bar Straightening Rolls are mounted on a trolley frame, it has 3x powered rollers on the bottom and 4x adjustable top rollers.

 Grob band saw front view
 This Grob band-saw was made in the USA in 1980, it has a metal blade fitted and has a throat cut up to 610mm

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