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Wood Working Machines

Thicknessers, Rip Saws, Buzzers, 4 to 6 Siders, Band Saws and Spindle Moulders are often available. Brands made by Wadkin, Holytec, Weineg, Robinson, White, Tatry, Moridelli, Sanco, and SCM, to name a few.
 L'Invincibile SI-15 Table Saw
 L'Invincibile SI-15 Table Saw powered by a 5.5Kw Three Phase Electric Motor.

 Large Double Ended Disc Sander
 Large three phase double ended disc sander

 Weinig moulder Side view
 This Weinig was made in 1988, model U22AL, Machine no. 222-1115. It is a 5 head moulder, Working capacity 200mm x 100mm (8" x 4")

Front view
Brianzola Wood Lathe with Copier Attachment, Model simplex 900

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