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Pipes and Fittings

Pipe Fittings including Flanges. Weldable, Screwed, are in huge stocks and all sizes. Stocks of Pipe sizes range from standard, to hard to find heavy wall tubes. Steam Pipe, Ammonia, Hydraulic tubes can be cut to any length you require. Sizes can range from5 mm to 2000 mm diameter. Email us your requirements.
 Rubber Pipe Reducers 180mm - 130mm
 Rubber pipe reducers, from 180mm to 130mm diameter, complete with stainless steel hose clamps.

 125mm NB x 4.88mm x 6.5m Long
 125mm NB (139mm O/D) x 4.88mm Wall Thickness x 6.5 Metre Long Pipes.

 250mm NB x 6.35mm x 6m Long
 250mm NB (273mm O/D) x 6.35mm Wall Thickness x 6 Metres Long.

 20mm NB x 2.6mm x 6.5m Long
 20mm NB (26.9mm O/D) x 2.6mm wall thickness x 6.5m long pipes

100mm NB x 3.6mm x 6.5m Long Pipes 
 100mm NB (114.3mm O/D) Light Wall Pipes in 6.5m Lengths.

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