Bill dismantling a paddock full of tanks. Bill with his oldest two children, Michael and Christine playing on some of the great toys in the yard. The construction of the first workshop building at Stone Street yard. The steel framework came from the Waipori gorge power project.  Crane sold and being loaded ready to leave Stone street yard.The second building going up at Stone Street yard. Bill hard at work in the office. 1982Michael, Bill, Tom and Chris in the early days in Stone StreetHere is Bill  with a good fire heating up a pot of lead, then pouring it into moulds, 1983Bill standing outside the yard officeBill on the left and Tom on the right stripping down an old machine, 1982The Stone street yard in 1984, no asphalt car park or fence up then.Stone Street yard, 1984Stone street yard in 1984, notice the yard is just dirt with steel plates to drive onTom loads up a customers truck, 1987New addition to the office at stone street. A new upstairs office. 2003Tom unloading the work truck, Chris's nicely painted Hamilton crane in the background.Bill drilling out the steel pipes out of a big condenser so we can sell the 50mm pipes for the likes of cattle yards. Close up of the last picture of Bill Tony hard at workChris on the left and Tom on the right loading up the company truck with more goods for the yard.Alida checks the mail in our industrial style letterbox.The Eimco 105 leaving our yard in 2015 after 40 years. Followed out by Bill and Alida.1000 Hp Electric Motor being loaded out for an urgent breakdown.Pride of the W. Rietveld fleet in the 1980'sTom, Adam and Daniel at the 2018 Southern Field Days
W Rietveld Ltd
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Dunedin 9011
New Zealand.
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