W. Rietveld Ltd Otago's Largest Machinery Recycler


 1000mm Diameter B Section Pulley
 1 Metre Diameter, 8 Groove B Section Pulley with Taper Lock Centre.

 Kubota Refrigerated Centrifuge
 Kubota KR-20000T Refrigerated Centrifuge, in excellent condition.

 50mm Bore x 200mm Stroke Air Rams
 Brand new pneumatic cylinders, with stainless steel spear.

 1.5Kw - 300mm Diameter Scroll Fan
 300mm Diameter Scroll Fan, powered by a 1.5Kw three phase electric motor.

 HMC Incline-able Press (LM20)
 HMC Incline-able press, Model: LM20.

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