W. Rietveld Ltd Otago's Largest Machinery Recycler


 Green Grindstone
 I have a few in stock of these new green silicon carbide grindstone wheels. Used for sharpening and shaping carbide tipped tooling

 Hankel Hot Glue Pellets
 This is a 25kg bag of Technomelt Supra-120 hot glue pellets.

 25mm Round Link Chain
 25mm round link chain in various lengths.

 28mm Round Link Chain
 28mm Round Link Chain in various lengths.

 3 Phase Electric Tilting Table
 This was an adjustable bed/table off some medical equipment. Powered by 3 phase electric motor.

 Carrier Chiller Unit
 This Chiller unit is made by Carrier, Model 30LH 790-900AO3.

 These are Galvanised stackable stillages, I have plenty available

 Sandvik R38 end
 I have 6x of these new but left outside Sandvik drill rods. R38 - R32 3.7m long (12ft)

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