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Front view
Brianzola Wood Lathe with Copier Attachment, Model simplex 900
Made in Italy
Main motor is 3phase 4HP 1420rpm
Feed Motor 3phase 1HP 1420rpm
face plate 300mm dia
swing center to bed is 200mm max = 400mm dia max for turning
swing over apron is 260mm dia max
1.1m between centers max
comes with a box of parts (includes the end cover that was off in picture)
The copier works by mounting a profile template and the apron works along it and copies the profile into the wood. It has multiple profile followers so you can set different depths on the cutters. ie. set one to rough the profile and the second one to follow along doing a finishing cut.
2300 L x 900 W x 1200 H (mm)


motor end viewend viewShows profileface plateback viewBox of parts



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