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 Avon Electric Heaters
 We have two of these Avon Electric Heaters available.

Weishaupt LPG Burner 
 Weishaupt LPG burner, 1000-8200Kw.

Schmitz + Apelt LOI control cabinet. 
 We have this large Rittal control cabinet, with 8x Eurotherm two phase control thyristor units in it, Moeller 1600amp main switch and Chessell Chart Recorder assembled by Schmitz + Apelt LOI, now known as Tenova LOI Thermprocess. Also 48x large Kanthal heating elements. This was part of a large enamelling oven that has been dismantled.

 Vertical Steam Boiler
 This is a vertical steam boiler with fire box.

 Hurst Seam Boiler Side View
  Hurst Steam Boiler,Multi Fuel hand fired. Built in 1998

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