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 Gedi winch Rope Drum
 This 10tonne Gedi winch mounted on skids was made in 1982 and has only been used on one project. It is in as new condition.
 Powered by a 2 cylinder 15kw 1500rpm diesel motor. The drive goes through a clutch then the first gearbox which you can select forward or reverse, then a brake that is linked to the clutch, then through a really large gear box that connects to the winch drum.

The rope on the drum is 25mm dia and there is about 4 layers on the drum. We estimate there to be about 300m+ of rope on the drum. The drum is about 600mm ID 900mm OD and 1m long.
The winch is rated on the first layer(closet to the drum) to travel 5m/Min and have a pull of 100kn
at 6 layers of rope it will be 8m/Min and 63kn
 14,000.00 + GST NOW $9500.00 + GST
 Overall inc skids is 3300L x 1900W (mm) with out skids it is 1850L x 1900w (mm)

 Geid winch side viewGedi Winch Diesel motorGedi winch motor and drum


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