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Screened Cables

 2.5mm2 3 Core Neutral Screen Cable
 I have a range of lengths of 2.5mm2 3core neutral screen cable.

Large Range of NEW and Used Electrical Cable
We carry a large range of industrial cables, everything from neutral screen, circular TPS, welding flex, CBS flex, flexible cables, multi core cables, steel wire armoured and conduit cables etc.

 120mm 3 core
 This cable is 120mm2 3 core + 3x 35m2 earth's with a coper foil screen and steel wire armour.

 240mm2 vsd cable
 New off cuts at various lengths of 240mm2 3c + 3x 35mm2 Earth, Screened, Variable Speed Drive Cable.

 240mm2 4core SWA
 This cable is 240mm2 4core round copper with Steel Wire Armour X Link 90.

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