W. Rietveld Ltd Otago's Largest Machinery Recycler


 20mm Diameter Galvanised Eye Bolts
 M20 x 195mm Galvanised Eye Bolts

 M36X130 8.8 Grade Galvanised Bolts
 Brand New M36X130 Grade 8.8 Galvanised Bolts with nuts and washers.

 M20 X 110 mm Galv Bolts
 M20 X 110 mm long galvanised bolts. Grade 8.8.

 M24 X 80 mm Galv Bolts
 M24 X 80 mm long galvanised bolt, nut and washer assembly Grade 8.8.

 M24 X 260mm Galv Bolts
 M24 X 260 mm Galvanised bolts with nuts.Grade 4.8.

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