W. Rietveld Ltd Otago's Largest Machinery Recycler


 I have 2x lengths of 140mm diameter chrome shaft.

 6 Metre Tall Galvanised Frame
 Galvanised Angle Iron Frames, 6 Metres Tall.

 Coil of 2mm Galvanised Steel
 Brand New coil of 2mm Galvanised Steel.

 Galve Pellets
 As you can see I have quite a few of these Galvanised Steel Pellets.

 Large Steel Rack
 Well built very tidy steel rack, ideal for loading with a forklift or crane.

 Armco Barrier
 Assorted amount of Armco barrier up to 4.4m long straight lengths. I also have lengths with slight curves over the length of them.

 Steel rack
 This steel rack has been added to over the years, made mostly from steel box section and sheet metal.

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