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 150mm Diameter Air Rams
 150mm Bore Air Rams with 125mm Stroke.
 We have up to ten of these rams available.

There are some differences between the mounting of them.

Made by Starlet Ltd

Bore: 150mm

Stroke: 125mm

Ports: 1/2 Inch BSP

Each ram spear is threaded to M30x1.5

The rear mounts have either a 25mm diameter hole (x4) or a 30mm diameter (x6). The rear mounts are 40mm wide.

6 of the rams have a front trunion mount on the spear, which has a 30mm diameter mounting hole.

Overall length with front mount is 560mm

Overall Length without front mount is 430mm.

 100.00 + GST each
 560/430 L x 170 W x 170 H (mm)
25 kg Each

 150mm Diameter Air Rams150mm Diameter Air Rams150mm Diameter Air Rams150mm Diameter Air Rams
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