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 Varisco pump side view
 11kw Varisco self priming centrifugal pump. 2" bsp in/out ports
 Type: 10009704 EP J60-220 TWGW C3
 11kw 2900rpm 3phase electric motor. The pump was made in 2008, its ratings are: 43m3/h(max) 59m head(max) 2900rpm(max) The pump has flap non return valve on intake port.
 The pump has open impeller allowing the passage of solids of large diameter. High resistance to abrasive liquids: muddy, sandy waters with solids in suspension.
 1250+GST NOW $875.00 + GST
700 L x 420 W x 400 H (mm)


 Varisco pump side viewVarisco pump back viewVarisco pump Motor name plateVarisco pump Pump Name Plate



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