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Geared Motors

 1rpm SEW geared motor side view
 This is a very slow output SEW Geared Motor, 0.75kw 3ph braked motor with 1 rpm hollow out box.

 1 hp TECO/Renold Geared Motor
 1hp Teco Three Phase Electric Motor with Renold Flange Mounted Gearbox.

 SEW 18.5kw geared motor side view
 This set up is a KH107BA SEW right angle hollow output gearbox with a 18.5kw 3 phase 1450rpm electric motor fitted to it. Output speed is about 64rpm

 Teco/Mkay Barlow
 This is a Mkay Barlow inline reduction box powered by a 18.5kw Teco 3phase motor. The output speed is 145rpm

 Lenze Geared motor side view
 This is a very tidy Lenze 37kw, 3phase, hollow output geared motor with an output speed of 30rpm

 7.5Kw Bonfiglioli 183 RPM
 Bonfiglioli right angle drive with hollow output shaft.

 Air operated Geared motor side view
 Very slow hollow output SEW reduction box with Atlas Copco air tool powering it.

 ASEA geared motor side view
 This is an ASEA 22kw/30hp 3phase inline geared motor with 57rpm output.

CMG/Varvel Single Phase Geared Motor 
 1.1Kw - 142 RPM Single Phase Geared Motor

 SEW Front view
 This is a large heavy duty 30kw SEW inline geared motor as it is 27rpm output

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