W. Rietveld Ltd Otago's Largest Machinery Recycler

WEG 220KW - 990 RPM 
 WEG 220Kw, Six Pole (990RPM) Electric Motor
 SEW side view
 New SEW in-line hollow output geared motor, never been mounted. 4kw 2860/495rpm (495rpm output)
 Steel Electrical Cabinet 1.2m x 1.2m x 300mm
 This is a steel electrical cabinet 1.2m x 1.2m x 300mm deep
 15Kw High Speed Pope Motor
 15Kw High Speed Motor made by POPE.
 2.2kw Single Phase Geared Motor
 This is a NEW CMG 2.2kw single phase motor on a Bonfiglioli 20:1 gear box. Output speed is about 70rpm
 Windsor Paddle Fan intake view
 This Windsor paddle fan is powered by a 18.5kw 2900rpm WEG 3 phase electric motor.
 1630 mm Long Driven Roller Conveyor
 1630 mm Long drum driven roller conveyor.
280 Litre Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
 Jacketed and heated stainless steel tank with three phase electric stirrer motor.
Stainless Steel Contra Shear Drums 
 We have two of these available, approx 3200mm long O/A
 Brand New Single Phase Teco Motor and Holroyd/Renold Gearbox.
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