W. Rietveld Ltd Otago's Largest Machinery Recycler

 Santerno Sinus M VSD
 Santerno Sinus M VSD
 16mm2 Single Core PVC Coated Aerial Cable NEW!
 I have over 3000 meters of this BICC Cable 16mm2 single core aerial cable.
 25mm2 Copper Cantol Cables
 25mm2 Copper Cantol Cables, 4 x coils at approx 60 metres each.
 120mm 3 core
 This cable is 120mm2 3 core + 3x 35m2 earth's with a coper foil screen and steel wire armour.
 High Frequency Rotary Converters
 High Frequency Rotary Converter Units, 50Hz - 200Hz
 Cyclo Drive side view
 This is a 29:1 Cyclo Drive, Model H-61
 1560 mm Long Roller Conveyor
 1560 mm Long Roller Conveyor with 10 Rollers and 20 Ball Rollers
 side view
 New complete wheels, Cheng Shin 2.80/2.5-4 4ply wheels with tubes. We have a lot in stock.
 4700L Stainless Steel Insulated Tank
 4700L Stainless Steel Insulated Tank
 Crown Electric Pallet Truck
 Crown Electric Pallet Truck
 Siemens D160M 11Kw, 2940 Rpm Electric Motor
 Lammers / Siemens D160M, 11Kw, 2940 RPM Electric Motor.
 6mm2 Single Phase, 3 Core Copper Cable
 Single Phase, 6mm2, 3 Core Copper Cable
 40mm Thick Mild Steel Plate
 40mm Thick Mild Steel Plate.
 Toyota Reach Forklift
 Toyota Reach Forklift.
 Double Acting Hydraulic Pusher Ram and Guides
Large double acting hydraulic rams with pusher plate and guides.
 ABB side view
  We have two of these ABB 3phase 415v 22kw/30hp 730rpm electric motors.
 Siemens 3 Phase, 11Kw, 55 Rpm Geared Electric Motor
 Siemens 3 Phase, 11Kw, 55 Rpm Geared Electric Motor
 WEG 0.75Kw 6 Pole Motor
 WEG 0.75Kw, 6 Pole, Three Phase Motor.
 SEW Eurodrive 4Kw, 40 RPM Geared Motor
 4kw, 40RPM. SEW Eurodrive Geared motor
 Brook motor front view
 30kw/40hp 1465rpm Brook Crompton electric motor
 Mobile Shelving Trolleys on Castor Wheels
 Mobile shelving trolleys, mounted on castor wheels and set up for adjustable shelf height.
 Superbolts and Shafts
 Superbolts and shafts
 All Steel Fabricated Stairs
 Stairs All Steel Fabricated with approx 3.1m raise.
 Muffin Monster Auger Flight
 Muffin Monster Auger Flight (New)
 CMG 0.75Kw 4 Pole Electric Motor
 CMG 0.75Kw, 4 Pole, Three Phase Motor
 60hp Electric Powered, Hydraulic Power-pack With 820Litre Oil Tank
 This Power pack was made up by Tracgrip Hydraulics in Palmerston North. Originally powered by a 45kw/60hp three phase electric motor with a Sperry Vickers dual hydraulic vane pump.
 3Kw, 710 Rpm, 4 Hp, ABM D132 Electric Motor
 3Kw, 710 Rpm, 4 Hp, ABM D132 Electric Motor
 5 Core, 2.5mm2 Flexible Cable
 5 Core, 2.5mm2 Flexible Cable
 Pin/Peg Grinding Mill
 Pin Mill/Peg Mill, set up for electric motor drive, 200mm inlet.
200x200x25 angle
Various lengths of galvanised 200x200x25mm thick angle iron.
 WEG 1.5Kw 6 Pole Geared Motor
 WEG, 1.5Kw, 6 Pole Electric Motor
 25mm2 Hard Drawn Bare Copper Cable
 I have over 300m of this 25mm2 hard drawn bare copper cable.
 SEW 0.25Kw, 91Rp, Geared Motor
 SEW Eurodrive, 0.25Kw, 91Rpm, Geared Electric Motor.
 Vacon Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
 3 Phase Input & Output, Vacon Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
 Telemecanique 55Kw Soft Starter
 Telemecanique soft starter rated to 55Kw in good working order, mounted in a steel enclosure.
 20mm NB x 2.6mm x 6.5m Long
 20mm NB (26.9mm O/D) x 2.6mm wall thickness x 6.5m long pipes
80mm NB x 3.2mm x 6.5m Long Pipes  
 80mm NB (88.9mm O/D) Light Wall Pipes in 6.5m Lengths
 Steel RHS Base Plate/Frame
 Fabricated steel frame for machine base plate/frame.
 Stainless Steel Elevating Conveyor
 Stainless steel elevating conveyor with 380mm wide belt.
 Yard Master Stainless Steel Pump
 Yardmaster RH7AHS/S stainless steel pump, 100mm inlet and 115mm diameter outlet.
 Trough Conveyor Kit Set Unit
 Trough conveyor kit set unit
 65mm Steel Plate
 65mm Thick Steel Plate with solid blocks attached.
 Parts Rumbler w/ Stainless Steel Drum
 Parts rumbler with stainless steel drum.
 T Verter N2 Series 220V 0.4Kw VSD
 T Verter N2 Series, 220 V, 0.4Kw VSD
 ABB 37Kw - 4 Pole Motor
 Brand new ABB 37Kw, 4 pole, foot mount, 3 phase electric motor.
 Allen-Bradley 1.5Kw VSD in Stainless Steel Enclosure
 Allen-Bradley 1.5Kw VSD in Stainless Steel Enclosure
 Pacific Centrifugal Roof Fan
 4Kw centrifugal roof fan made by Pacific HVAC Engineering.
 Mitsubishi 1350hp
 1350hp/1007kw Mitsubishi 4pole electric motor water cooled.
 Hurst Seam Boiler Side View
  Hurst Steam Boiler,Multi Fuel hand fired. Built in 1998
 240mm2 4core SWA
 This cable is 240mm2 4core round copper with Steel Wire Armour X Link 90.
 Brand New Acme Step General Purpose Transformer rated to 112.5KVA.
 Acme 75Kva Transformer
 Brand New Acme Auto Transformer rated to 75Kva
Acme 112.5Kva Auto Transformer 
 Brand New Acme 112.5Kva Auto Transformer
 Lees Tech Single Phase 0.37Kw, 50 Rpm Geared Electric Motor
 Single Phase, 0.37Kw, 50 Rpm Lees Tech Geared Motor.
 WEG D100L 3Kw, 1400 Rpm Electric Motor
 3Kw, 4Hp, 1400 Rpm WEG D100L Electric Motor
 Allen-Bradley PowerFlex VSD
 Allen-Bradley PowerFlex, 3 Phase Input / Output
Niven Tripe Washer 
 This is an old model Tripe washer out of a freezing works made by Niven Abattoir Equipment but could be used for washing other things.
 SEW 4kw, 15 Rpm Geared Electric Motor
 4Kw, 15 Rpm, SEW Eurodrive Geared Electric Motor
 Siemens 2.2Kw VSD
 Siemens 2.2Kw VSD
 Stainless Steel Cyclone and Fan
Complete Stainless Steel Cyclone, Paddle Fan and Stand assembly.
 Renold SMH7 Torque Arm
 Renold Torque Arm Gearbox, 20:1 Ratio
 50L Storemasta Dangerous Goods Cabinet
 50L Storemasta Dangerous Goods Cabinet.
 BRAND NEW Single Phase Electric Motor w/ secondhand Gearbox
 0.37Kw, 30 Rpm, New Single Phase Electric Motor with secondhand gearbox.
 WEG 1.5Kw - 6 Pole Motor
 Brand new WEG 1.5Kw, 6 Pole, Foot mount, Three phase motor.
 Aerotech Air Fan
 High Pressure Scroll Fan Made By Aerotech Fans and Powered By a 7.5KW WEG Motor.
 180 Degree Belt Converyors
 Graseby & Goring Kerr, 0.37Kw, chain link 180 degree belt conveyors.

 WEG 1.1Kw 4 Pole Motor
 WEG 1.1Kw, 4 Pole, Three Phase Motor
 3 Phase 3 Pole Schnieder Contactor
 New Telemecanique, 3 Phase 3 Pole Schneider Contactor bundle.
 CMG Varvel 0.18Kw, 210 Rpm Geared Electric Motor
 CMG Varvel 0.18Kw, 210 RPM, 18mm Hollow Bore, Geared Electric Motor.
 Rotary Accumulation Table
 0.18Kw Rotary Accumulation Table
Front view
Brianzola Wood Lathe with Copier Attachment, Model simplex 900
 65m Long, 7 Core Steel Wire Rope (NEW)
 65m Long, 7 Core Steel Wire Rope (NEW)
 WEG 5.5Kw 4 Pole Motor
 WEG 5.5Kw, 4 Pole, Three phase motor
 Atlas Copco 1/2 Ton Chain Hoist
 1/2 Ton, 500kg, Atlas Copco Pneumatic Chain Hoist.
 Concept Solutions Offset Elevating Conveyor
 Offset elevating conveyor with plastic sectional belting.
 Large Riveted Air Reciever
 Large Riveted Air Receiver.
 SEW 0.75Kw Geared Motor
 SEW 0.75Kw Geared Motor.
 90 Degree Gravity Roller Conveyor (BRAND NEW)
 Dyno 90 Degree Gravity Roller Conveyor
 Caterpillar 3406 Diesel Engine
 Caterpillar 3406 Diesel engine and transmission, complete with radiator mounted in a sub frame base.
 Stainless Steel Rotary Valve
 Stainless Steel Rotary Valve with nylon bearing housings.
 Stairs with 1 Handrail
 Set of Stairs with 1 Handrail
 Stairs with Handrails
 Set of stairs with handrails
 Conveyor and Metal Detector with Reject Function
 Complete unit consisting of belt conveyor and metal detector, complete with reject function on conveyor.
 2m Long Steel Framed Conveyor
 2m long x 760mm wide flat belt conveyor with three phase geared motor.
 50mm ID x 57.2mm OD Black Pipe
 Black steel pipes 50mm ID x 57.2mm OD x 4.75m long.
 1250mm Diameter x 4750mm Long Pipe
 1250mm Diameter x 4750mm long pipe. Would make ideal culvert or tow behind roller.
 Cast Iron Saw Bench
 Belt driven saw bench, with no motor included.
5 inch Andrews and Beaven 60:1
 5" Andrews and Beaven Right Angle, Left Hand.
 Rossi 0.55Kw (13 RPM) Geared Motor
 Brand New Rossi Geared Motor, 0.55Kw with 13 RPM Output Speed.
Ajax 3LS Pumps 
 Ajax 3LS pump fitted with 5.5Kw Three Phase Electric Motors.
 Stainless Steel Mobile Trolleys
 Stainless steel trolleys mounted on fixed and swivel castor wheels.
 Powered Roller Conveyors
 Two piece powered roller conveyor with three phase geared motor.
 Stainless Steel Tub with Elevating Conveyor
 Stainless steel tub/hopper/tank with elevating conveyor.
 2.5mm2 3 Core Neutral Screen Cable
 I have a range of lengths of 2.5mm2 3core neutral screen cable.
 Morris 500kg Chain Hoists
 Morris 500kg chain hoists complete with beam trolleys and pendants.
 G.D. Sutorbilt Vacuum Pump front view
 This is a Gardner Denver Sutorbilt Vacuum Pump, model GAAMBPA, powered by a 2.2kw 1400rpm 3 phase electric motor, all mounted on 139L tank.
 Avon Electric Heaters
 We have two of these Avon Electric Heaters available.
 1.5m Wide Conveyor Belting
 I have a few coils of this 1.5m wide x 2mm thick conveyor belting
 Alpine Grinding Mill
 Alpine B500 Belt Driven Grinding Mill.
 2 x New Uninstalled Roller Doors
 2 x New rollers doors which have never been installed, approx. opening sizes of  5030mm wide x 5575mm high.
 Stainless Steel Brewery Tank
 Stainless Steel Keg/Tank. Approx 300-350 litre capacity on castor wheels.
 Two Stage Hydraulic Power Pack
 Two stage hydraulic power pack with 220 litre capacity.
 Steel Ramp for Forklifts
 Steel ramps designed especially for forklifts.
315Kw - 985 RPM Brook Crompton Parkinson 
 Brook Crompton Parkinson, 315Kw 985 RPM (6 Pole) Electric Motor
 Three Point Linkage Attachment
 Three Point Linkage attachment, complete with hydraulic ram for side tilt adjustment.
 Moffat 6 Burner LPG Stove/Electric Oven
 Moffat 6 Burner LPG Cook Top with Electric Oven.
 Monarch 5.5Kw Electric Motor
 Brand New Monarch 5.5Kw Electric Motor.
 Reel of rope
 This is a tidy length of 32mm dia wire rope about 75m long
 SEW 3.0Kw (6.9 RPM) Geared Motor
 SEW Eurodrive Three Phase Inline Geared Motor. 3Kw with an output speed of 6.9 RPM
 Container Loading Ramp
 Large container loading ramp with fork pockets.
 Stainless Auger fights
 This is a short stainless steel 250mm dia auger powered by geared motor about 1hp
 Bavelloni VTI250 Glass Drilling Machine
 Bavelloni Glass Drill, Model VTI250 as removed from service.
 GAST Vacuum Pump and Motor
 GAST Vacuum pump with 2.2Kw three phase electric motor.
 Large Double Ended Disc Sander
 Large three phase double ended disc sander
90 Degree Belt Conveyors 
 We have a pair of these 90 degree belt conveyors available, with a 910mm wide belt.
 Atlas Copco LE08 Valve and Seal Kit
 Valve and seal kit to suit Atlas Copco LE08 Compressors.
100mm NB x 3.6mm x 6.5m Long Pipes 
 100mm NB (114.3mm O/D) Light Wall Pipes in 6.5m Lengths.
 Hydraulic Raising/Rotating Manipulator
 Manipulator head, with rotating shaft and hydraulic tilt ram.
 Siemens 5.5Kw Electric Motor
 Brand New Siemens 5.5Kw (7.5 Hp) 1440 RPM.
 Weigh Batching Hopper with Trap Door
 Weigh batching hopper with pneumatically operated trap door.
 200 Amp Isolating Switch and Stainless Enclosure
 200 Amp Kraus & Naimer Isolating Switch and IP66 Rated Coreenium Stainless Steel Enclosure.
 2200 Litre Stainless Steel Tank
 Stainless Steel tank with a capacity of approx 2200 Litres.
 1050 Litre Vertical Stainless Steel Tank
 Stainless steel vertical tank with 1050 litre capacity.
 Bonfiglioli 3.0Kw (94 RPM Geared Motor
 Brand New Bonfiglioli 3Kw three phase geared motor, fitted with an electric brake and an output speed of 94 RPM.
 2.2Kw CMG Single Phase Motors
 CMG 2.2Kw, Single Phase Foot/Flange Electric Motor.
 Sandblasting Table or Jig Table
 20mm Thick Steel Plate, ideal table top for sandblasting or welding jig table.
 L'Invincibile SI-15 Table Saw
 L'Invincibile SI-15 Table Saw powered by a 5.5Kw Three Phase Electric Motor.
 Galvanised Bollards x 6
 We have six of these bollards available, ranging in length from 3750mm to 4300mm long.
 Large Culvert Pipe
 Large diameter pipe, ideal for culvert. Approx 13m long x 1200mm diameter.
 SEW 0.55Kw Inline Geared Motor
 SEW Eurodrive (Brand New), 0.55Kw - 98 RPM Output Speed, Inline Geared Motor.
 Angelus Model P40 Seaming Machine
 Steel can seaming machine, made by Angelus.
 14 Metre Long Steel Framed Conveyor
 14 Metre Long x 1.3m wide steel framed conveyor with stainless steel belt runner.
Schmitz + Apelt LOI control cabinet. 
 We have this large Rittal control cabinet, with 8x Eurotherm two phase control thyristor units in it, Moeller 1600amp main switch and Chessell Chart Recorder assembled by Schmitz + Apelt LOI, now
 Stainless Steel Elevating Conveyor
 Stainless Steel Frame Elevating Conveyor with SEW Geared Motor.
 Armco Barrier
 Assorted amount of Armco barrier up to 4.4m long straight lengths. I also have lengths with slight curves over the length of them.
 Jaques Roll Crusher
 I have two of these very big and heavy Jaques Brothers roll crushers, Type C Roller
 Siemens DC Motors x 2
 We have two of these 1-150 Kw Siemens DC Motors available.
 Stainless Steel Electrical Cabinet (Large)
 Stainless steel electrical enclosure, made by Rittal and Clive Wilson Switchboards Limited.
 1.5Kw Crompton Greaves Electric Motor
 Brand New Crompton Greaves 1.5Kw Electric Motor.
 Carrier Chiller Unit
 This Chiller unit is made by Carrier, Model 30LH 790-900AO3.
Foundry Furnace Charge Pot 
 Furnace charging pot and stand for a foundry etc.
 4 Inch Stanton & Staveley Cast Iron/Ductile Gas Pipe
 I have a large quantity of never used Stanton and Staveley 4 inch cast iron and ductile gas pipe in 5.6m lengths. 
 50mm2 3 Core Flexible Trailing Cable
 50mm2 3 Core Flexible Copper Trailing Cable, 450m Reel.
 Air operated Geared motor side view
 Very slow hollow output SEW reduction box with Atlas Copco air tool powering it.
 Anderson Piston Pump
 High Pressure Bulldozer style piston water pump.
 Cardboard Recycling Press
 Hydraulic Cardboard Recycling Press, powered by a three phase electric motor.
 Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger
 Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger with stainless steel plates.
 Stankoimport Vertical mill side view
 This Stankoimport model 6P13 is a very tidy milling machine that has done very little work. Powered by a 10kw 3phase electric motor.
 Tube Conveyor/Elevator
 13 metre long Tube conveyor/elevator powered by a 4Kw Three Phase electric motor.
 17" Radicon Vertical Up Reduction Box
 17 Inch Radicon/David Brown Vertical Up Reduction Gearbox.
 Sign Post
 7 Metre tall sign post.
5.5 Metre Long Pallet Transfer Conveyor 
 5.5 Metre long pallet transfer conveyor, with two geared motor drives.
 Deutz Aircooled Diesel Engine
 Four cylinder DEUTZ aircooled diesel engine, as removed from machine.
 Radicon side view
 This is a tidy Radicon 10" box 10:1, the crown wheel looks very good with very little back lash.
 Steel Electrical Cabinet
 I have 2x of the steel heavy duty electrical cabinets in stock
 0.8Kw Vimarc Vibrating Motor
 0.8Kw Three phase vibrating motor with 720kg of force.
 7500 Litre Stainless Steel Horizontal Tank
 7500 Litre stainless steel horizontal storage tank with stirrer motor.
 1800 Litre Stainless Steel Vertical Tank (Jacketed)
 1800 Litre stainless steel, vertically mounted, jacketed tank.
 Woodworking Door Press
 Hand ratchet door or laminating press.
500mm Diameter 2 Speed Air Fans 
 Three Phase, Two Speed, 500mm Diameter Air Fans.
 Keystone 250mm S/S Knife Gate Valve
 Brand New 250mm (10") Keystone Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve.
 John Heine 6 Foot Folder
 6 Foot Folder, made by John Heine, 2mm mild steel capacity.
 Hansen Transmission Reduction Box
 This is a new Hansen Transmission reduction box with sprag clutch on input. Model: RHC-31-BN-50
 150kg Digital Scales On Trolley
 150kg capacity digital scales, mounted on mobile trolley complete with rollers on each side of scales.
 1.1Kw Crompton Greaves Electric Motor
 Brand New 1.1Kw Crompton Greaves Electric Motor.
 610mm O/D API Linepipe
 We have two lengths of this pipe available. 610mm Outside Diameter.
 Atlas Copco GA355 Compressor
 Atlas Copco GA355, 55Kw compressor showing 37,893 Total Run Hours.
 Twin Screw Hopper/Mixer
 Twin Screw Hopper/Mixer Base Frame, made by Conveyor Industries Ltd.
CMG/Varvel Single Phase Geared Motor 
 1.1Kw - 142 RPM Single Phase Geared Motor
 AEI 460 Hp Electric Motor
 AEI 460Hp 2980 RPM Electric Motor.
 Kubota Refrigerated Centrifuge
 Kubota KR-20000T Refrigerated Centrifuge, in excellent condition.
 ASEA geared motor side view
 This is an ASEA 22kw/30hp 3phase inline geared motor with 57rpm output.
 3.6m Long Stainless Conveyor
 Stainless steel framed, food grade conveyor, 3.6 metres long.
2400 Litre Stainless Steel Lagged Tank 
 2400 litre Stainless Steel insulated tank with Aluminium lagging.
 Spellna 0.75Kw High Pressure Fans
 Spellna high pressure fans, we have four of these available.
 26 Metre Long Food Grade Conveyor
 26 Metre Long conveyor, removed from food manufacturing plant.
 1.5Kw - 300mm Diameter Scroll Fan
 300mm Diameter Scroll Fan, powered by a 1.5Kw three phase electric motor.
 Stainless Steel Curved Corner Conveyor
 Stainless steel curved corner conveyor with three phase geared motor.
Curved Corner Conveyor (Stainless Steel)
Curved Corner Conveyor with Stainless Steel Frame.
 Holroyd 7Inch Right Angle Reduction Box
 This is a Holroyd 7 inch right angle reduction box 12:1
 Side view
 Steel conveyor drive drum 320mm dia x 1150mm long
 Nichi Cable Drum Layer
 NICHI hydraulic cable drum lifting and decoiling attachment.
 SEW Front view
 This is a large heavy duty 30kw SEW inline geared motor as it is 27rpm output
Davies DB 200/26 Pump and 11Kw Motor 
 Davies DB200/26 pump fitted with an 11Kw 6 Pole motor.
 Self Cleaning Rotary Screen
 Stainless Steel Self Cleaning Filter (Contrashear) made by Farra Engineering.
 12v Hydraulic Wheel Chair Lift
 This is a Shimadza 12v dc Hydraulic Wheel Chair lifter.
 Powered Roll Former
 Three Phase Powered Roll Forming Machine
 Nu-Way Oil Burner (Single Phase) #2
 Nu-Way Oil/Diesel Burner, Single Phase.
 Gedi winch Rope Drum
 This 10tonne Gedi winch mounted on skids was made in 1982 and has only been used on one project. It is in as new condition.
 Nu-Way Oil Burner (Single Phase)
 Nu-Way Oil/Diesel Burner, Single Phase 0.75Kw.
 SMC Dryer Side View
 This SMC Refrigerator Air Dryer is single phase, model: PDE100-S
 Warman sand pump
 This is a Warman Sand Pump, size 28/24 inch, Type G, Frame H
 Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine
 AUTOplant Packaging Systems, Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine with Smartdate 5 Printer.
3000 Litre Stainless Steel Tank 
 3000 Litre Stainless Steel tank with lift off lid, and partially jacketed for heating/cooling.
 SEW 0.37Kw Inline Geared Motor - 81 RPM Output Speed.
 SEW 0.37Kw Inline Geared Motor - 81 RPM Output Speed.
Steel Plate Rack 
 Steel plate rack with 5 individual sections, ideal for engineering workshop.
 Chubb Cash Safe
 Chubb Cash Safe, Model 110, with digital pin code.
 Siemens 4Kw Electric Motor
 Brand New Siemens 4Kw Electric Motor.
 Speck Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
 We have one of these Speck VH-800 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps available.
 KITO 2 Ton Chain Hoist
 Brand New Kito 2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist, complete with second hand motorised beam trolley.
Hydrothermal Treatment Machine (Pasturiser) 
 Steam heated food grade continual flow pasteurizing machine. 
 SEW side view
 This is a new SEW model: R152, inline reduction box, Ratio 7.54:1
 Conveyor Drive Drum
 Rubber lagged conveyor drive drum, 1050mm long x 410mm diameter.
Long Platform and Stairs 
 6.25m long platform/walkway with stairs at each end, ideal for bridge etc.
Top view
2m x 250mm opening rotary valve
 WEG 4.0Kw - 8 Pole Motor
 Brand New 4.0Kw WEG, 8 Pole (720RPM) Motor.
 1000mm Long Food Grade Conveyor
 Small food grade conveyor powered by a 0.55Kw three phase geared motor.
 Meadows 6DJ630 Diesel Engine
 Meadows 6DJ630 Stationary Diesel Engine with 106 hours total run time!
 Hydraulic Pipe Bender (3&4 Inch)
 Staffa hydraulic pipe bender with formers to suit 3 and 4 Inch NB Pipe.
 RYE Double Spindle Drilling Machine
 Multi Spindle Drilling Machine made by RYE with tilt table.
 Valmet 612DS Diesel Engine and Clark Transmission #2
 Valmet diesel engine and Clark transmission in steel frame but no radiator mounting or shields etc.
 11 Metre Long Stainless Conveyor
 We have one of these food grade, stainless steel conveyors available.
 1 Metre Wide Conveyor Belting
 We have a large quantity of this belting available.
4200 Litre Lagged Stainless Tank
 4200 Litre Stainless Steel lagged tank, previously used for storing Caustic cleaning product.
Hydraulic Bin Tiper and Outfeed Conveyor 
 Hydraulic Bin Tipper and Elevating Outfeed Conveyor with Self Contained Hydraulic Power Pack.
 Allen Bradley 11Kw Variable Speed Drive
 11Kw Allen Bradley variable speed drive mounted inside a poly carbonate enclosure.
 180 Degree Large Radius Conveyor Set
 Two part conveyor system which turns 180 degrees in a long radius with 410mm wide belt.
 150Kw Crompton Parkinson
 150Kw, 1400RPM Crompton Parkinson, Three Phase electric motor.
 Heavy Duty Steel Slat Conveyor
 Heavy duty steel slat conveyor. Ideal for heavy components.
 7.5Kw Bonfiglioli 183 RPM
 Bonfiglioli right angle drive with hollow output shaft.
 1 hp TECO/Renold Geared Motor
 1hp Teco Three Phase Electric Motor with Renold Flange Mounted Gearbox.
22Kw Variable Speed Drive 
 Brand New CHINT 22Kw Rated VSD, 2 available
DoAll V-26 Bandsaw 
 DoAll V-26 Vertical Bandsaw in good condition for age.
 Homersham Diesel Powered Water Pump
 Lister powered diesel fire pump, built by Homersham Engineering.
3.6m Long Offset Conveyor 
 Mobile 3.6m long offset conveyor, powered by a three phase geared motor and variable speed controller.
 610 UB end view
 We carry a large quantity of UB's and UC's in stock. This listing is of 2x 610UB 125kg at 5.7m long 
 Lincoln Conveyor Fed Oven
 Lincoln Oven with Conveyor Feed and Adjustable Heat Settings.
 Infrared Preheat Heat Tunnel System
 Electric Infrared Preheat System for heating steel castings prior to painting.
 End view
 560mm diameter steel spiral welded pipe 5-6mm wall thickness.

 SEW 4Kw Inline Hollow Bore
 SEW 4Kw 72 RPM Hollow Bore Inline Geared Motor.
 12.35m long chimney
 This chimney is 470mm diameter x 12.35m tall overall, It has a tapered cone down to 250mm at the top of it.
50x75x5mm Mild Steel Angle Iron 
 We have up to 80 Brand New lengths of this available.
50x50x5mm Mild Steel Angle Iron 
 We have up to 84 lengths of this available.
 53mm Outside Diameter Stainless Steel Pipe
 This is 53mm outside diameter stainless steel pipe, 1.5mm wall thickness, 304L grade of stainless.
 Coil of 2mm Galvanised Steel
 Brand New coil of 2mm Galvanised Steel.
 Lincoln welder SA800
 This is a Lincoln 3 phase welder, model SA800
Large Heavy Duty Steel Bin 
 Heavy Duty Steel Bin made from 10mm thick steel plate.
Joshua Heap Double Headed Threading Machine 
 Joshua Heap Double Headed Threading Machine with Tangential Dies Included.
 Steel rack
 This steel rack has been added to over the years, made mostly from steel box section and sheet metal.
 Hobart Mixer
 Large Hobart Food Mixer, missing mixing bowl and mixing heads.
 Masport Vacuum Pump
 We have one of these Masport Vacuum Pump and filter units for sale.
 Large Steel Rack
 Well built very tidy steel rack, ideal for loading with a forklift or crane.
 AZO Cyclone Screening System/ Rotary sieve
 This rotary sieve/Cyclone screen is made by AZO. Type E-250 B-1, I have a larger one too and both were last used to screen powder-coating powder.
 Air Receiver/Tank end view
 These Air Receivers/Pressure Tanks are made by Brown Boveri. Approx volume 1,200L
 Precision Products Mechanical Chop/Snip Saw
 This is a Mechanical Chop/Snip Saw made by Precision Products, Model 14m
Large Mixer with Jacketed Stainless Steel Bowl 
 Large mixer with jacketed stainless steel bowl and twin mixing/scraping paddles.
 Coffee Granulator
 This is a Burns No26 Granulator, made by Jabez Burns & Sons.
 15Kw Ajax 3K Pump
 Ajax 3K Pump powered by a 15Kw electric motor.
 Tank side view
 This tank is made from mild steel and would hold about 52,000L, It has two man holes 600mm dia that has bolt on covers, one at the top and one in the side at the base of the tank.
 Baltur Oil Burner (Single Phase)
 Baltur-Simel Oil/Diesel Burner, single phase.
Fresco Systems LTD Stainless Steel Bag House Filter (Needs Repair)
  This is a Fresco Systems LTD stainless steel bag house filter. It is mounted on RHS frame with platform, hand rail and ladder. This one does not have electric fan for outlet but we might have one
 760mm O/D Steel Pipes
 Rolled and Seamed Fabricated Steel Pipe, 760mm O/D
 Fresco Systems LTD Stainless Steel Bag House Filter
 This is a Fresco Systems LTD stainless steel bag house filter. It is mounted on RHS frame with platform. Also has 3phase electric fan for outlet.

We have two of these filters in stock but this is the
 Husky Diaphragm Pump - 2 Inch
 2 Inch Husky Diaphragm pump with mounting frame and couplings etc.
Burner end view
 600kw Burner with Stainless steel Hot Air Heat Exchanger
 These are Galvanised stackable stillages, I have plenty available
 100mm X 12mm Mild Steel Flat Bar
 We have over 50 lengths of this available.
 Cabinet open
 This is a great Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cabinet on good heavy loading swivel wheels. Would make great tool box too.
 Compair/Broomwade 42.6kw Rotary Screw Compressor
 This is a Compair/Broomwade 42.6kw Rotary Screw Compressor. Model- cyclon337
 Freestanding Overhead Gantry Crane
 Three Directional Freestanding Overhead Gantry Crane Hoist Unit
 Sandvik R38 end
 I have 6x of these new but left outside Sandvik drill rods. R38 - R32 3.7m long (12ft)
Mackies Jacketed Stainless Mixer 
 Mackies Jacketed Stainless Steel Mixer/Blender with variable speed drive.
 I have this 2013 Bunham 30bar 78m3/h air compressor that has come out of a ship. Main priming compressor.
 DESMI 30Kw Water Pump
 Brand New Desmi self priming water pump with Brand New 30Kw WEG electric motor.
 OMGA 600 P3 Radial Arm Saw
 OMGA 600 P3 Radial Arm table saw. Three phase, three horsepower.
 Food Grading/Sizing Machine
 Food Grading or Sizing Machine. 6 separate compartments for sorting plus oversize.
 We have one of these available.

Designed and Built by E.B. McDonald Engineering

Was originally used by a large
WEG 220KW - 990 RPM 
 WEG 220Kw, Six Pole (990RPM) Electric Motor
 SEW side view
 New SEW in-line hollow output geared motor, never been mounted. 4kw 2860/495rpm (495rpm output)
 Steel Electrical Cabinet 1.2m x 1.2m x 300mm
 This is a steel electrical cabinet 1.2m x 1.2m x 300mm deep
 15Kw High Speed Pope Motor
 15Kw High Speed Motor made by POPE.
 2.2kw Single Phase Geared Motor
 This is a NEW CMG 2.2kw single phase motor on a Bonfiglioli 20:1 gear box. Output speed is about 70rpm
 Windsor Paddle Fan intake view
 This Windsor paddle fan is powered by a 18.5kw 2900rpm WEG 3 phase electric motor.
 1630 mm Long Driven Roller Conveyor
 1630 mm Long drum driven roller conveyor.
280 Litre Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
 Jacketed and heated stainless steel tank with three phase electric stirrer motor.
Stainless Steel Contra Shear Drums 
 We have two of these available, approx 3200mm long O/A
 Brand New Single Phase Teco Motor and Holroyd/Renold Gearbox.
 Rotary Drying Kiln (Complete Package)
 Continuous Feed Rotary Drying Kiln Complete With Conveyors, Hopper, Walkways, Fan, Cyclones and Chimney.
Side view
3500L stainless steel vat with fold up lids and copper coil under base of the vat
 560mm Fantech inline fan side view
 This is a 560 mm dia, 14x blade, 24rps (1430rpm) 3 phase, Fantech in line tube fan.
 Retsch BB300 Jaw Crusher
 Jaw crusher powered by a 3.0Kw three phase electric motor.
 Intake view
 This Taylor's Richardson fan was made in Christchurch. model size 29HP(high pressure) serial no. sm9019
 Hose reel side view
 This hose reel has come off a fire truck, the reel is set up so you can wind the hose by a crank handle or you can set it up for 12v electric wind up.
 Fox Grinder
 These are Heavy Duty Fox Fettling Grinders, I have 2x available, powered by 30hp electric motor.
 Deckel KF1 side view
 This is a Deckel Pantograph milling copier/enlarger. Model KF1
 Loma-Mann metal cut off saw
 This Loma-Mann Metal cut off saw has a 125hp electric motor powering the saw blade.
 Plenty inline filter
 This 6" flange ported inline strainer filter is made from 304 cast Stainless Steel. Brand name "Plenty"
 Lakeland Defect Saws x 2
 Lakeland Defect Saws, we have one of these available.
 104mm Outside Diameter Stainless Steel Pipe
  This is 104mm outside diameter stainless steel pipe, 2mm wall thickness, 304L grade of stainless.
 Selection of Long Conveyor Drum Rollers
 I have a good range of these conveyor drive/idler drum rollers. They are all made of steel but some have rubber coating on the drums.
Front View
Stainless steel silo/tank
 Small Parts Rumbler
 Parts Rumbler ideal for small components.
 Wadkin FD front view
 This is a Wadkin 5 head moulder, model no. FD799, We know it can definitely do 6" x 4" but are 95% certain it would do 8" x 4" going but what the guides can open and length of the cutting head drive
 DWM Copeland Refrigeration Compressor
 Three phase refrigeration compressor unit.
 Steel Electrical Cabinet 1.2m x 1.2m x 400mm
 This is a steel electrical cabinet 1.2m x 1.2m x 400mm deep
 7.5hp Single Phase Electric Motor
 This is a Teco 7.5hp single phase 1400rpm 240v electric motor.
 Frascold Refrigeration Compressor
 Frascold Z 35106 three phase refrigeration compressor.
 Auger side view
 All stainless steel 250mm dia auger and frame with SEW 1.1kw geared motor powering the auger.
 129mm Outside Diameter Stainless Steel Pipe
 This is 129mm outside diameter stainless steel pipe, 2mm wall thickness, 316L grade of stainless.
 7.5 Kw WEG
 WEG 7.5Kw Flange Mount Only.
 Open Top Stainless Rectangular Tank
 Stainless Steel rectangular open top tank with open front.
Daub & Verhoeven Stainless Mixer 
 Daub & Verhoeven B.V Stainless Steel Mixer and attachments. Has a faulty up/down function.
 Smaller Galvanised Towers
 We have one of these left! Made from galvanised angle iron and flat bar.
 Valmet 612DS Diesel Engine and Clark Transmission
 Valmet diesel engine and Clark Transmission mounted in a steel frame.
 1400mm Long Metal Detector Conveyor
 Three phase plastic slat conveyor with metal detector.
Aquaheat VPX Steam Generator 
 Natural Gas Powered Steam Generator, made by Aquaheat Industries.
 300mm Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve
 Brand New Stainless Steel 300mm diameter Knife Gate Valve.
 Thermoplastic Engineering Scroll Fan
 3/4 HP PVC Scroll Fan Single Phase.
 90 Degree Flat Belt Conveyor
 90 Degree flat belt conveyor with three phase electric motor drive.
 180 Degree Flat Belt Conveyor
 Flat Belt Conveyor with 180 Degree turn.
 We have one of these Volvo Penta motors which could be suitable for parts or possibly recommissioned.
 Volvo Penta TD61A and Clark Transmission
 Volvo Penta TD61A Motor and Clark Transmission mounted in Sub Frame.
 Woods Roof Top Fan 900mm Diameter
 Woods Roof Top Fan 900mm Diameter with 1800W Motor.
 Wood Roof Top Fan 600mm Diameter
 This is a tidy woods roof top fan 3phase 2 speed 600mm diameter
 Fantech Roof Top Fan
 700mm Diameter Fantech Rooftop Fan.
 90 Degree Flexible Chain Conveyor
 310mm Wide Plastic Flexible Chain Conveyor which turns 90 degrees.
 Galvanised Steel Towers
 As you can see in the picture we have a few of these galvanised steel towers, made mostly from angle iron.
 Heavy Steel Ball Mill
 Steel Ball Mill complete with balls and reduction box drive.
Side view
2m dia x 2.7m long silo with tapper cone base of 900mm long
 4" Pitch Hollow Pin Chain
 Brand New 4" Pitch Hollow Pin Chain made by Southchain New Zealand.
 1.1Kw Scroll Fan
 1.1Kw High pressure Scroll Fan.
 Varisco Top View
 We now have two of these Varisco self priming Centrifugal Pumps, 2 Inch bsp in/out ports
 415 Volt - 240 Volt Step-down Transformers
 3 Phase, 30 KVA, Step Down Transformers.
 6mm Steel Checker Plate
 We have a quantity of full and part sheets of 6mm thick steel checker plate at the moment.
 2.2 Kw Mono Pump
 2.2 Kw Stainless Steel Mono Pump with 50mm Flanged ports and variable speed.
 Rockwell wood lathe front view
 This Rockwell wood lathe is 3 phase had has a copier attachment.
 10hp Geared Motor
 This is a 10hp Teco 3phase electric motor fitted to a new Maud Kirk 6:1 reduction box
 We have a 1m wide coil of copper sheet 0.7mm thick
 Riello Diesel Burner
 This is a Riello Diesel burner, model Press 2G, made in 2002
 Interroll Conveyor Rollers
 Interroll conveyor rollers with drive sprocket on one end.
 MWM Deutz Diesel Motor
 We have 2x of these MWM Deutz marine V8 diesel motors with a pallet of spare parts, made by Ruston & Hornsby Ltd for MWM Germany. These were in a going state and were pulled out of a boat so they
 Large Steel Hopper
 Mild steel hopper made from 6mm thick plate.
 Volvo Penta Engine and Clark Transmission
 Volvo - Penta TD630VE Diesel Engine with Clark Transmission and mounting cradle.
 Clicking Press / Hytronic Cutting Machine
 This is a tidy hydraulic Clicking Press / Hytronic Cutting Machine
 New conveyor belt
 Brand new 900mm wide conveyor belting, 11mm thick, 4 ply
 Bulldozer Piston Pump
 Bulldozer boiler feed piston pump with three phase electric motor.
 Fantech Roof Top Fan 0.55Kw
 Refurbished Fantech roof fan, three phase, 0.55Kw.
 Stainless Steel Gumboot Rack
 Stainless Steel Gumboot cleaning/storage rack.
 Hydrovane 128 side view
 This is a Hydrovane model: 128, powered by 18.5kw 3phase electric motor. It has fan cooled after cooler mounted to the back of the motor.
 Compair side view
 2x in stock of these Compair Reavell high pressure water cooled compressors
End View
We have 2x of these stainless steel heat exchangers
 Electrical cabinets
 I have a pair of these electrical boxes. They were last used as battery charger cases.
 Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor
 Food grade stainless steel framed belt conveyor.
 7.5kw Side Channel Blower side view
 This side channel blower is a Rietschle Thomas, Type SAP530
 2 Inch Husky Diaphragm Pump
 2 Inch Husky Diaphragm Pump in like new condition.
 Cardboard Press - Single Phase
 Single phase cardboard press LIKE NEW, very tidy and has not done much work.
 Taymac inlet view
 This fan is from Taymac in Christchurch. Type size: ER30B Serial no. SM13005
 Galvanised Stairs and Platform
 All galvanised set of stairs with attached platform.
 Atlas Copco GA30 7.5bar Rotary Screw Compressor
 This is a Atlas Copco GA30 7.5bar rotary screw compressor with its own self contained air dryer. This is a 30kw Machine
 Nu-Con Blower Unit
 Nu-Con Blower with Hick Hargreaves Roots Blower.
front view
CNC multi spindle overhead router. Made by Morbidelli, model U13,
 0.5 mm Thick Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Sheets
 BA Finish (mirror finish) stainless steel sheets.
 Bio Safety Cabinet
 This tidy Biological Safety Cabinet class 2 was manufactured by Email Westinghouse Pty Ltd
 Compair SCM356 Air Dryer
 This is a Compair SCM356 air dryer. Powered by 230v single phase
 1mm Thick Stainless Steel Sheets
 Number 4 Finish (brushed finish) sheets.
 0.8mm Thick Panel Steel Sheets
 0.8mm Thick Panel Steel Sheets.
 3.1 Metre Stainless Steel Conveyor
 3.1 Metre long stainless steel conveyor made by EB Engineering.
 Stainless Steel Gumboot Storage Rack
 Stainless Steel gumboot storage/cleaning rack
 4 Kw Hydraulic Power Pack
 4 Kw Three Phase, Twin Pump Hydraulic Power Pack.
 Wadkin spindle moulder
 This is a Wadkin 3 phase spindle moulder, machine no. EPA1064
front view
Home built parts finishing/cleaning tumbler/rumbler.
 SIHI Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
 SIHI liquid ring vacuum pump powered by a 5.5 Kw electric motor.
 1230mm wide conveyors
 We have two of these 1230mm wide hydraulic powered belt conveyors.
 Cyclone view
 This cyclone complete with Serroco Andrews & Beaven fan and Stainless Steel catch drum for bottom of cyclone.
 Avery Scales angle view
 Two of these in stock, 500kg max Avery platform scales
 Grundfos 7.5kw pump side view
 Grundfos pump, powered by 7.5kw/10hp 2800rpm 3phase electric motor. Type :22885-1, Model: NP100-80-125-137
 Exacta press
 This 17tonne Exacta inclinable/power press was made in New Zealand.
 37.2Kva 3Phase Generator Alternator
 This is a Mecc Alte 37.2kva 3Phase Generator Alternator made in Italy. Type: ECN 31-1s/4
 Vickers High Pressure Filter
 This is a Vickers inline high pressure, hydraulic oil filter.
 Galvanised Stairs and Platform
 Galvanised stairs with double handrails and platform.
 Stainless Steel Gumboot Cleaning/Storage Rack
 This is a stainless steel gumboot rack for hanging them to clean the soles and also can be used for storing them for when not in use. Will hold up to 15 pairs of boots.
 18.5Kw Brook Crompton
 18.5Kw, 1460 RPM Brook Crompton
 Sperry Vickers Hydraulic Power Pack
 5.5 Kw Self Contained Sperry Vickers hydraulic power pack.
 Steel Set Of Stairs
 This is a steel set of stairs that has a rise of 3.3m tall
 ASEA 37kw
 This is a ASEA 37kw/50hp, 3 phase, 1460rpm electric motor.
 Valmet 612DS Diesel Motor and Transmission
 This is a Valmet 612DS complete diesel motor and Clark 13.5HR transmission on skid frame.
packed view
This is a great Samco dimensional saw, 300mm blade
 KATO 10 tone hoist
 This is a 10 tonne Kato Hand Operated Chain Hoist that has a 6m fall
 Stainless Steel Contra-Shear Drum
 We have one second hand Stainless Steel Contra-Shear drum for sale. 900 mm inside diameter.
 Steel Stairs
 Steel stairs with a rise of approx. 3.5 metres.
 Wadkin Wood Buzz
 This is a tidy Wadkin 3Phase Buzzer/Planer for up to 400mm wide timber.
 4 Inch Mono Pump
 Four Inch MonoPump with 7.5Kw TECO Motor and SEW Gearbox.
 1.1Kw Crompton Greaves Electric Motor
 Brand New Motorpol 0.37Kw Electric Motor.
 Punch and Shear
 This is a 3phase electric, hydraulic powered Punch and Shear.
 2x ink tanks
 These two tanks are mounted in one common steel frame. Can sell as is or sell individually. They were last used to hold Ink and still has residue left in them. 
 CMG 1.5Kw In Line Geared Motor
 Brand New 1.5Kw CMG In Line Geared Motor with Hollow Output.
 10hp Geared motor
 This set up is a 7.5kw/10hp 1400rpm Teco motor on a 50:1 Brevini right angle reduction box. Output speed is about 28rpm
Side view
Hitachi 3 Ton Chain Hoist. With 8m of chain fall.
 Monarch 7.5Kw Electric Motor
 Brand New Monarch 7.5Kw Electric Motor.
 Bishamon EZ Loader
 Bishamon EZ Loader EZ-30 Self Levelling Pallet Positioner
 180 Degree Rotary Hydraulic Actuator
 This is a new 180 degree rotary hydraulic actuator that wasn't used on a project. Splined output shaft and end of stroke cushion dampers.   
 0.8mm Thick Soft Black Panel Steel
 As you can see i have a very long coil of 0.8mm thick black panel steel 700mm wide.
 Alfa Laval Peristaltic Pump
 0.55Kw Alfa Laval Peristaltic Pump (Squeeze Pump)
 16mm2 3 Core Neutral Screen
 75 metre coil of 16mm2 3 core neutral screen copper cable.
 Large Industrial High Pressure Stainless Steel Cooking Pot
 This is a large industrial high pressure cooking pot made from stainless steel. It has stainless steel heat exchanger in the base of the tank/pot.
 Swan 10Hp Electric Air Compressor
 This is a tidy Swan three cylinder 10hp electric air compressor on air receiver.
 High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer (Atomizer)
 This is a Yibu LPG 3 High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer (Atomizer) for turning a liquid into a dry powder.
 18kva 3phase transformer
 This is a 18kva 3phase step down transformer. 
 Manesty Single Pill Making Press
 This is an older style Manesty single pill making press. Type F3
 steel shafting
 These are machined railway steel wagon axle shafts 164mm diameter x 1815mm long. Good machining steel, sold alot of them over the years to local engineers.
 Galvanised Stairs
 Set of galvanised steps for over the likes of pipes or bunker wall.
 Tatry Saw
 Tatry 3phase radial arm pull saw mounted on galvanised steel bench frame.
 AZO Cyclone Screening System/ Rotary sieve
 This rotary sieve/Cyclone screen is made by AZO. Type E-450 B-1, I have a smaller one too and both were last used to screen powder-coating powder.
 Rittal cabinet open
 This is a very tidy steel electrical cabinet with minimal holes. 600x400x1.2m tall
 Slew ring side view
 This is a 1065mm OD, 900mm ID, 100mm thick Slew ring with ball bearing race and external gear for rotating it by motor.
 Auger Inside view
 This is a 200mm diameter mild steel auger 5m long.
A&B Hammer mill
This A&B hammer mill has been mounted on steel frame with its clone. At present it has no electric motor mounted but we can supply one with V-pulley to suit Or there is a drive shaft for direct
 Angle mounting plates
 These angle mounting bracket plates have two machined ground faces. They have mounting hole on the two faces.
 SCM R9 overhead router
 This is a tidy SCM R9 over head router with air operated down feed, max throat is 920mm
 Belt conveyor side view
 Great 4.1m long x 330mm wide belt conveyor powered by 3phase motor and gearbox.
 Stair side view
 Aluminium tread stairs with steel pipe hand rails
 Top view
 This steel air receiver is about 850L
 Inspection hole side
 This steel air receiver is about 350L.
 Top View
 This steel air receiver is a little over 500L in volume. Made by J.S. Nivins
 I have two of these in stock, They were electrical cabinets but could make great heavy duty steel tool box lock ups.
 sive view
 This heavy duty stainless steel tank has bolted flange in/out ports.
side view
1050 litre milk vat with single phase stirrer
CR60-20 front view
This is a new pump 60m3/h at 20.2m head
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